ZippyPaws Adventure Treat Bags

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Reward good pups on the go with the ZippyPaws Adventure Dog Treat Bag. Perfect for trips to the park or other outdoor adventures, this portable treat bag lets you stash goodies and tennis balls when you’re out and about. A belt clip fastens it securely for hands-free carrying, while the drawstring top keeps everything in while providing easy access when needed.



  • The perfect accessory for training sessions and outdoor outings.
  • Carry treats and balls hands-free with handy belt-clipped bag.
  • Drawstring top keeps goodies in (and curious noses out!) during walks and play.
  • Belt clip fastens securely to stay on during runs.
  • Comes in several colors.


Capacity is calculated by total volume. When using container, choose a capacity greater than what you need to prevent overfilling and spills.

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