Buddy Splash Lavender Mint Spray 4oz

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Help keep your pup smelling fresh and fragrant in between washes with Buddy Wash's Original Lavender & Mint Dog Spritzer and Conditioner! This spray is made in the USA with natural ingredients like aloe vera juice, essence of lavender, essence of mint, and wheat protein extract, which works as a natural deodorizing agent. You can also apply this minty spritzer to your dog right after bathing to help condition her coat! All it takes is a couple quick sprays to help deodorize and condition the skin and coat, leaving your furry friend paw-fectly huggable. You can also use it to help freshen your dog's bedding, too!


Key Benefits

  • Made with pure botanical extracts and natural conditioner without any harsh chemicals.
  • Use as a leave-in conditioner or between baths as an instant deodorizer when your pet is a little smelly or their skin is dry.
  • Lavender and mint help deodorize, soften and refresh your pup's coat, giving her long-lasting freshness.
  • pH balanced formula specific for dogs as their skin is much less acidic than humans. It helps avoid over-drying their skin which leads to redness or flakes.
  • Not tested on animals, safe to use with topical flea treatments, plus it's made in the USA!



Not recommended for cats



Use as a leave-in conditioner or in between baths to deodorizes, softens, and refreshes your dog’s coat. Shake well before use.

Between-Bath Freshening: Spray generously onto your dog's coat. Avoid contact with eyes. Massage into the coat and allow to dry.

After-Bath Conditioning: Bath your dog, rinse well, and towel dry. Spray wet fur generously with product. Massage into the coat and allow to dry.

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