Nummy Nums Organic Pet Treats-Giant Prawns

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Dehydrated white shrimp/prawns have arrived in store! These crunchy treats are sure to have your pet begging for more!



Dehydrated Locally Sourced Jumbo White Shrimp


Shelf Life and Storage

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight, and keep refrigerated after opening. For the best taste & benefits, consume within 30 days.



70g = approximately 6-7 Shrimps / under 1lb.



NOTE: This treat may contain higher amounts of SALT than other treats. PLEASE GIVE ONLY IN MODERATION. This product is not intended to substitute a well-balanced & full meal, as it is meant to supplement nutrition only. Always monitor & supervise your pets while providing any treats &/or chews. It is best to ensure that your pets always have access to fresh water while consuming treats.

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