Noochies Omega & Probiotic Sprinkles For Dogs - 4.4 oz

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Dog-lovers simply mix the fine powder into your dog's food daily for benefits to skin and coat, digestion, and overall immunity. You'll notice the difference! Because, Animals uses a patented, research-proven probiotic, seven different kinds of omega-rich seaweeds, and organic fruit and vegetable powders to make a near-magical health boost for your dog. The blend is better than simply a probiotic, it's considered synbiotic – a mixture of probiotics (helpful gut bacteria) and prebiotics (non-digestible fibers that help these bacteria grow). 



  • Human-grade.
  • All-natural.
  • Cruelty-free. Sustainable packaging.



Seaweed (dulse, nori, kombu, wakame, Laminaria Longicruris, sea lettuce, kelp), Organic pumpkin powder, Organic whole ground blueberries, Organic whole leaf wheatgrass powder, Organic coconut flour, Organic inulin, Human-grade, Non-GMO probiotic (dried Bacillus coagulans), Organic ground turmeric


Usage Guide

There are approximately thirty teaspoons in each pouch. The recommended serving sizes per day are: 

Weight Amount  How long will it last?
10 lbs or under    1/4 teaspoon  4 months
11-25 lbs  1/2 teaspoon    2 months
26-60 lbs  1 teaspoon 1 month
61 lbs and over 1-2 teaspoons 2 weeks to 1 month


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