CorkNip Totter Mouse

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Love giving loose catnip to your cat, but hate to clean up after the fun is done? Our Pets compressed catnip gives cats all the potent punch of premium, 100% North-American-grown catnip without the scattered mess. Unlike other cat toys which may contain synthetic or toxic materials, Our Pets Corknip is made from pure premium North-American-grown catnip and natural cork. Both are sustainable resources, making these toys natural and utterly irresistible! The tempting, soft texture of the cork mixed with the catnip will give cats an intoxicating surface they'll love sinking their teeth and claws into. The Totter Mouse was designed for teetering, tottering temptation! With felt ears and a satin tail for added allure, this toy will sway its way into your cat's heart!


  • Felt ears and a satin tail, soft natural cork texture and aromatic scent for added allure, this toy will sway its way into your cat's heart.
  • Premium Nortyh American brand catnip embedded in a durable, warm material and long-lasting scented toy.
  • Earth-friendly, fun and safe alternative to artificial plastic toys.
  • Prevents loose catnip mess while providing healthy mental and physical stimulation.
  • Stimulates innate clawing, scratching and catching instinctual urges.
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