Our Pets Fishing Rod with Fish

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The OurPets Go Fish! Teaser Wand is the only toy that combines the action of a real fishing rod with 100% premium catnip! While most catnip toys encourage independent play, the Go Fish! Combines the allure of 100% premium catnip with the movement of a wand for playtime you and your cat will love together.

  • Casts just like a real fishing rod
  • Fish is filled with 100% premium catnip
  • Encourages physical exercise


To cast, hold the toy firmly in one hand while depressing the yellow tab. Continue holding the yellow button as you flick your wrist. To reel, depress the yellow tab while winding the black pet. To attach fish, squeeze the black tabs on the plastic hook at the end of the line. Simply snap the new toy into place.

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