Furminator Rake

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A regular grooming routine improves the health and hygiene of pets, and provides an excellent opportunity for an overall routine checkup of your pet. Equally important, The time spent grooming strengthens the bond between your pet and you, their pet parent. By sticking with a regular grooming process of quick daily brushing, weekly deshedding, monthly bathing and discarding pet hair as needed, pets will look better, smell fresher and have a healthier coat. The FURminator grooming rake has rotating teeth that remove loose hair and tangles to prevent mats. Best for dogs and cats with thicker fur, The grooming rake provides you with convenient daily solutions for undercoat care. Find maximum control With the ergonomic nonslip handle. To groom your pet, find a calm Time and location to sit down with your pet.


Grooming rake with rotating teeth removes loose hair, tangles and prevents mats


  • Best for dogs and cats with thick fur or dense double coats
  • Convenient daily solution for undercoat care


Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 2 x 9.65 inches; 6.88 Ounces

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