Lava Paws Raw Beef Chub

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Complete and balanced fresh raw food for Dogs and made right here on the Big Island of Hawai'i.


Feeding Guidelines for Dogs

3-12lbs: 1tbsp-1/2 cup or 1oz-5oz

12-26lbs: 1/2 cup-1 1/4 cups or 5oz-12oz

26-50lbs: 1 1/4 cups-1 3/4 cups or 12oz-16oz

51-75lbs: 1 3/4 cups- 3 cups or 16oz-27oz

76-100lbs: 3 cups- 4 3/4 cups or 27oz-40oz

Over 100lbs: 4 3/4 cups and moreor 40oz and more

Feeding guideline is based on once a day feeding at 2.5% body weight. As always, feed the dog in front of you. So if they are loosing weight, increase food or if they are overweight, feed less.


84% Muscle meat in forms of beef, tripe, heart, lung, chicken, pork, and egg. 6% Chicken bone, 5% Grass fed beef liver, 5% Grass fed beef kidney and spleen, kelp, and vitamin E.

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