Meowijuana® Get Blasted Refillable Rocket with Wand Cat Toy

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You don't have to be a scientist of technology whiz to launch your cat into pawty mode.  All it takes is this dope 'nip and MJ's rocket ship to blast your kitties into another mewniverse. Cats love to rocket up and out of the atmosphere with this rugged, durable refillable rocket ship that is made for galactical partiers. They will thank you for the out-of-this-world experience.  Caution: They may never want to return to earth, but they will always want to be home with mew.


*Not for human consumption* Catnip can be given every other day to cats, but after a few minutes, its effectiveness wears off and your cat will need to be away from the catnip for a while in order to experience a reaction again. Catnip may not be well received by cats under a year old.

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