Mid West Contour Double Door Crate 36"

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Crate your dog in a safe and secure space with a high-quality Midwest iCrate Double Door Folding Dog Crates. The wire panel design of this dog crate variety allows for maximum visibility so your dog can always see what's going on and you can always tell with just a glance how your dog is doing.


  • Two Door Design provides flexibility in placement in the home
  • Folding Crate with carry handle makes for easy movement, setup or storage with no tools required
  • ABS plastic handles allow for easy carrying
  • Divider panel lets you adjust the living area as your pet grows
  • Composite pan makes cleaning up accidents easy
  • Safe and secure slide bolt latch


Available in size Large

Item Dimensions

Height: 25''
Width: 23''
Length: 36''

Pet Sizing

Breed Size: Large
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