Nip-Naps Pockets

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Nip-naps Pockets are made with colorful cotton mixed fabric. They are infused with catnip oil, derived from USA grown organic catnip. They come in 3 designs: Cat, Birdie and Rabbit in 3 colors: Blue, Red and Purple. Each toy contains a liner that makes crinkling noises and has a pocket for catnip replacement.

  • Made in Thailand, each toy is individually hand-crafted and sold seperately



  • Nip-naps Pocket Cat measures 5" in width and 4.5" in height.
  • Nip-naps Pocket Birdie measures 4.5 in width and 4.5 in height.
  • Nip-naps Pocket Rabbit measures 4.5 in width and 5.5 in height.


Features of Nip-naps Pocket catnip infused toys

  • Catnip infused using USA grown organic catnip.
  • Hand-crafted, they have pockets for catnip replacement , contain liners that make crinkling noises and made from an cotton mixed fabric.
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