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Newts Premium Antler Large

Newts Premium Antler Large

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These all-natural antlers are a rich source of essential nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous and minerals. The all-natural bone has no scent and leaves no stains to ensure that your dog can enjoy his chewing experience without making a mess.

Newt's Chews Premium Sliced Elk Antlers are long-lasting to ensure that they keep your pup's attention wrapt in a chewing experience that works to stimulate gums and keep teeth healthy. This antler is a small size between 8 and 10 inches in length. bones available. Your dog will absolutely love chewing on these natural elk bones, so order one today!

  • All-natural shed elk antlers
  • Long-lasting and hypo-allergenic
  • Contains calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients to maintain your dog's health

Please note: This product varies in shape and may not look like the photograph featured. 

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