Woof & Co. Stuffed Chicken Dog Plush Toy

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Dogs absolutely love toys, so what's better than one toy? A nose work toy that has FOUR additional pieces! The limited edition Stuffed Chicken is every food lover's dream! We stuffed the chicken toy with three additional toys and comes with a detachable turkey leg!  Meet the Stuffers! 1. Beetrice Stuffer: She is a smiley red radish who likes to roll with the flow. Loves dad jokes and hugs. 2. Otto Stuffer: He is an anxious white onion. He cries a lot, but tries to laugh through the pain.  3. Silas Stuffer: He is a mischievous yellow squash who likes to "accidentally" squash Beetrice and Otto in the chicken. He is the only one that thinks he is funny.

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