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Benebone Zaggler Bacon Flavored Dog Toy, Medium (Size: Medium)

Benebone Zaggler Bacon Flavored Dog Toy, Medium (Size: Medium)

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Where our canine friends are concerned, we know that scent and flavor rule the roost. That's why we ditched the neon colors and obnoxious squeaks to create something truly special for your furry bestie. Inspired by their powerful sense of smell, we crafted a chew toy that's packed with delicious real bacon flavor and built to last. Once your pup gets a taste of our USA-made Benebone Zaggler Bacon Dog Chew Toy, they'll be hooked for good!

  • - CHASE AND CHEW AWAY!- The Zaggler loves to roll around and keep your pup on their toes. It's bacon's way of playing hard-to-get!
  • - DURABLE AND LONG-LASTING- Is your pooch a super-chewer? No problem! Our Benebones are tougher than real bones and can keep your pet entertained for weeks
  • - REAL BACON, REAL GOOD- We only use 100% REAL BACON for flavoring. Dogs can tell the difference, and so can we!
  • - US OF A- We're proud to say that everything is made and sourced in the good old US of A. No cheap chew toys from China here!
  • - HAPPINESS GUARANTEED- If you have any issues or just want to chat about how much you love our products, reach out to us directly. We're here to make you and your furry friend happy!
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